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Jollylook Is an Instant Film Camera With a Vintage Look and a Body Made of Paper and Cardboard

Gear It’s not an old Land camera, but it sure looks like one. This vintage-style camera is made of cardboard, built for fun. Popular Photography

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Google Develops the Ultimate VR Experience in Cardboard Plastic

 From the Google Blog: Putting the “real” in “virtual reality” March 31, 2016 – Virtual reality has brought us to places ranging from the bottom of the ocean to the surface of Mars. But as good as VR is, it’s never been … Continue reading

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Google Releases Cardboard Camera App For Capturing “Virtual Reality” Images

We have seen several new “virtual reality” cameras debut this year with the ability to capture 360-degree and sometimes even spherical panoramic images that can be experienced through VR headsets or compatible web players. Now, Google is supporting their Cardboard … Continue reading

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