TalkTalk’s latest fibre broadband deals overtake Vodafone for pure value

For those in the middle of a frantic fibre broadband deal search, you can stop your comparing and detailed price matching because we have found the deal for you. Overtaking Vodafone as the cheapest well-known retailer for fibre broadband, TalkTalk's latest deal is a no-brainer.

Let us fill you in on the highlights. First off, you're paying nothing upfront, which means no delivery or installation charges. Then, you just have to pay £22.45 a month. Pair that with the lack of upfront costs and this slides past Vodafone's broadband deal for our pick of cheapest fibre broadband.

Yes, you can go even cheaper with the likes of Hyperoptic but if you like your internet from a name you know, nothing is beating TalkTalk right now.

As if all of that wasn't enough, as of Monday, TalkTalk will be upping its fibre speeds to 38Mb, making it faster than most other offers in this price bracket. Want even more good news? TalkTalk provides fixed prices, meaning you won't be hit by any nasty price rises during your contract.

You can see this offer in full down below or scan through our guide to the best broadband deals to see just how much you're saving.

This brilliant broadband deal in full: 

Want more with your broadband?

Want your internet, plus something to appease your love of watching films? NowTV currently has fibre broadband and Sky Cinema for just £30.99. That means unlimited fibre broadband and constant movie binge-watching for an incredibly affordable price tag.

Or if you think fibre internet should have some incentives, going with BT is a safe bet. You get superfast speeds of 50Mb and a free gifts that BT claim are worth up to £249. On top of that, there is even a £40 pre-paid Mastercard on top of that. For pure value, BT is the one to go with. 

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