The worst mistake a travel photographer can make

A post by: Etienne BossotPPAs a travel photographer and photography teacher I meet many photographers on a daily basis. Whether they are amateur or pro, newbie or experienced, first-timers or old timers, they often have one thing in common: too much gear./PPThe pro shooters who join me at my photography tours in Southeast Asia tend to look more like pack mules than people: they are loaded with lenses, lighting, filters and a veritable menagerie of photographic accoutrement-you know, the kind of gear that makes you look like you know what you are doing./PIMG title=”travel-photography-mistakes-02.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Travel photography mistakes 02″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”400″When comfortable with your equipment allows you to compose your images better and faster./PPSTRONGThe problem? None of them ever use the gear that they have broken their backs!/STRONG/PPOK, fine, maybe there is one man, one time, which made it a point to every single lens that he brought with him to use. But normally I see people stick to one or two lenses per session, shoot the extra gear to never give a second thought. This is actually a really good thing, and all the more reason to ditch the extra baggage, and rely on one or two lenses only./PPHow are you going to move your feet, get down low, and capture your subject during the millisecond when the light is just right?/PPThe first thing I learn beginning photographers is to get moving

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