Three 2-Minute Tips to Get You Thinking

The folks over at Adorama TV have a series of 2-minute tips by David Bergman which I think is brilliant! You can watch one while you’re standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for your food at a restaurant, or when you only have a limited time.

So I selected three that I think are particularly helpful. Check these out and the rest of the series on the Adorama TV channel.

Autofocus modes

In this video, David explains the difference between the two main types of autofocus modes of your camera and when to choose and use each of them.

Lens Hoods

See why David almost always uses a lens hood when he’s shooting and when he might remove it in this next video.

Steady as She Goes

Get some quick tips on keeping your camera steady so you can get the sharpest images possible, even at slower shutter speeds.

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