What a game of Tic-Tac-Toe have to do with photography? The grid of this simple child game is played on is the key to putting together your image on a dramatic way. In photography, this grid works with the “rule of thirds” to visually attractive pictures. The rule of thirds faucets in the way that the human eye works to predict the most visually attractive places within a frame. This allows the photographer to the way the eye works to add to the consequences of his or her images to use. if (ZS 0) {if (zSbL250) gEI (“spacer”) .style. height = Math. floor (. height/12 e [0]) + 17.5 + ’em ‘; else {var zIClns = []; function walkup (e) {if (e! = className ‘ entry. ‘) {if (e. nodeName == ‘ A ‘ ||e.style.styleFloat == ‘ right ‘ ||e.style.cssFloat == ‘ right ‘ ||e. align == ‘ right ‘ ||e. align = “left” | = |e. alignright className == ‘ ‘ ||e. className = = ‘ alignleft ‘) zIClns. push (e); walkup (e. parentNode)}} walkup (e [0]); if (zIClns. length) {node = zIClns [zIClns. length-1]; var clone = node. cloneNode (true); node.parentNode.removeChild (node); getElementsByClassName (“entry”, gEI (“articlebody”)) [0]. insertBefore (clone, gEI (“spacer”))}}}; zSB (2); zSbL = 0
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