Tips for Using On-Camera Flash for Beginners

Flash is a challenging subject and can be confusing if you’ve never used it. These two videos will give you an overview of some flash basics you need to know, and how to take the next step when using flash – bouncing it for better lighting.

On-Camera Flash Basics

In this video, Chris from The Camera Store gives you a crash course in some on-camera flash basics. He covers what you need to know to get your flash photos looking better and more natural so you don’t have subjects with deer in the headlights looks or black cavernous backgrounds with no light.

Flash for new users

Next, this video from Mark Goodin of RealWorld will walk you through understanding some of the settings on your flash and how to use it to make better light on your subject. He even gives a couple tips for diffusing your on-camera flash (the built-in one that pops up) so it isn’t so harsh.

Want more?

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