Travel Photography Tips


Planning a photo trip is always enjoyable. The anticipation of what awaits is a good motivator to make sure a complete and thorough job gets done. This is true whether your travels have you escape the cold of winter or take you on the road on a summertime family trip. Being prepared is key to getting better images. Knowing what to expect and going with some preconceived ideas will allow you to immediately start collecting photo gems. Found below are some ideas to think about with regard to your travel photography.

Use A Zoom: I carry three lenses with me most of the time: a 12-24mm wide angle zoom, a fast 70-200mm 2.8, and my do it all 18-200mm. These ranges give me plenty of versatility and the fast lens allows me to shoot in low light. Good composition is a critical factor in creating a successful image, and zoom lenses afford me the freedom to quickly and easily adjust the amount of information I want. Additionally, based on what I anticipate I’ll encounter when I go on a shoot, I can often go with just two lenses easing the weight and bulk.

Get Up Early: The word

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