A Post By: Mark Eveleigh/PPProfessional travel photographers realize that the key to their business is versatility: to be able to shoot all styles of photography, and to consistently capture great shots even under very trying conditions. To be a strong assignment photographer you must identify your weakness and then work on it./PPInstead of concentrating on what you shoot well why not break out of your comfort zone and try something more challenging? Some of the most experienced photographers from The WideAngle network give us their insights into a few of the specialized fields of travel photography./PIMG title=DPS1-DALE-MORRIS.jpg border=0 alt=”DPS1 DALE MORRIS” src=”” width=600 height=399 Image by Dale Morris/PPBritish born wildlife photographer Dale Morris has built a reputation as one of the most widely published photographers in South Africa. His background as a trained naturalist allows him to capture aspects of the natural world that many photographers would miss./PPI

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