Water lily Timelapse while Blooming

Two impressive water lily flowers come out.

Author :

Time-lapse : 5 hours -> 34 seconds (fasten 529x)

Frame frequency : 1/15s

Film review : Cool Music over a Cool Water Lily Blooming

The Water Lily

The commonly called Water Lily is also known as Nymphaeaceae. This water plant can be observed almost everywhere in the world (temperate and tropical weather). The roots are in the soil under water, while leaves and flowers are on surface. The blooming is impressive for the range of color and the blossom size.

Claude Monet, a French artist, created about 250 oil paintings on this subject called Les Nymphéas.

The Framing is perfect to appreciate the flower

I do like the framing on the two flowers, and the little zoom effect is making the video more dynamic. The time-lapse was done taking one frame every 15 seconds on over a day I guess, in wild nature. We can detects a lot of insects passing through. The music chosen put me into it. The simple effect from dark to light works perfectly. A small default, which could not be corrected by the author, is the image is shaking. I think it is just natural wind. Maybe by increasing the number of frames, it would have soften those movements.

Plant Time-lapse

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