How to spring clean your memory cards

A post by: Nikole BordatoPPAhhh spring. A great time to bust your lens pens and lens cloths and dust from your photography equipment. But don’t forget to spruce up your memory cards before heading into the summer season./PPIMG class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-67471″ alt=”memory_cards_clean006″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”401″/PPTake the time to investigate how many cards you have and what does it say. This is especially important if you have multiple types of cards floating around. Make sure there are no stragglers hiding in a camera bag bag or at the bottom of a lens case. My tip: I write songs on my memory cards, so that I can I have all my cards before leaving a location double check./PPYou ever break a quick photo but forget you move it past the map? Now is a great time to get those images to your computer, leaving space on your memory cards for new photos. Here’s another great tip: images from your card in a batch will be deleted. Limitation of the number of times you change data on your memory card will help prolong the life of your cards. So choose to remove the images from your card in one format, in your camera or to your computer, delete instead of individual images as you shoot. Better yet use “Format” to erase and reformat the card in the camera./PPAll memory cards, regardless of the type, have sensitive parts. Keep your cards safe and dust free by storing them in a container designed for memory cards. There are a ton of memory card wallet options available. Please take a few minutes to think about what your memory cards through and then look for a container that will work for you. You will need a waterproof case? Are you a wedding photographer who carries around more than a few cards? If so, is this a worthwhile investment for you./PPIMG class=”size-full wp-image-67472 alignnone” alt=”memory_cards_clean007″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”401″/PPWe’ve all seen the Facebook posting a image is shared around the web found off of a camera or memory card, in an effort to return the device to the owner. Don’t let your photo! Write your name and contact information on your cards. Losing a memory card is a downer-they are not cheap and that images can be lost forever. Just including your e-mail address, website or phone number along with your first name, can increase the chances of having a lost memory card returned./PPCome up with a system to label cards. It happens-you start taking photos, and forget which cards you have used and that you did not. In this case, you will have the classic move of the mapping of your camera to make sure it full. You skip this step by coming up with a way that quickly identifies which cards are full. If you have your cards numbered, you can keep track of the numbers. My personal system is to used cards in my wallet card backwards. A quick look tells me which cards are ready for use./PPIMG class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-67470″ alt=”memory_cards_clean005″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”401″/PPDo you have a memory card system organization? Tell us what works for you in the comments below./PPSome new cards or some accessories needed? Try some of these:/PIMG class=”avatar avatar-78 photo” alt=”” src=”” width=”78″ height=”78″PNikole Bordato is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Western Canada. Connect to Nikole on Facebook, instagram, Pinterest and Google +./P
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