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Interesting Photo of the Day: Abandoned Chicago Highway

How do you get an eerily empty shot of an otherwise busy highway—completely devoid of vehicles, like some post-apocalyptic scenario? You stack 50 exposures together. That’s exactly how photographer Michael Salisbury created this image:. I stacked 50 photos to create … Continue reading

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Weekly Photography Challenge – Abandoned

This week’s photography topic for our weekly challenge is ABANDONED! Abandoned truck NZ by Caz Nowaczyk I have a fascination with things that are abandoned and left to decay. There is a sense of history that comes with things that … Continue reading

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Abandoned Building Photography Tutorial: 11 Tips

Abandoned buildings can be a great source of images that portray broken emotional connection and also the power of time. However, there is a certain level of preparation and precautionary measures to take into consideration. Photographer James Kerwin with COOPH presents … Continue reading

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This Abandoned Fishing Village in China Has Been Reclaimed by Nature

Have a look at a picturesque village in China’s Shengsi islands. This place found at the base of the Yangtze River which used to be a bustling fishing village, but over time its residents abandoned the area and Mother Nature … Continue reading

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