This Abandoned Fishing Village in China Has Been Reclaimed by Nature

abandoned fishing village in china

Have a look at a picturesque village in China’s Shengsi islands. This place found at the base of the Yangtze River which used to be a bustling fishing village, but over time its residents abandoned the area and Mother Nature seems to have taken over.

photos abandoned fishing village

Photographer Tang Yuhong brings us on a scenic and beautiful photographic journey of this derelict fishing village in China. Nature can be seen claiming back what was once hers everywhere. While mankind once developed the natural world into settlements, this is what takes place when nature decides to take matters into her own hands.

china abandoned fishing village

This fishing village is on Gouqi Island and is part of a group of 394 islands known as Shengsi Islands in China.  Shengsi is an archipelago of around 400 islands at the mouth of China’s Yangtze River. This village is its little secret enveloped in time and hedges.  The abandoned fishing village being reclaimed by nature was so exquisitely photographed by Yuhong.

fishing village

The Nanning-based photographer shot the incredible images of the town overgrown by greenery when he visited the island, an area that is administrated by Shengsi County in the Zhoushan Prefecture. The place enjoys a subtropical climate, with yearly average temperatures of around 15.8 °C. The island is also known as a tourist destination and fishing area that attracts more than 100,000 fishermen every winter each year.

fishing village china

Since the fishing industry in the Shengsi Islands began dwindling, shipping, shipbuilding, as well as tourism started to become bigger local economic drivers, and, as a result, local fisherman abandoned their livelihoods and consequently, the area. With abundant greenery and hedges crawling all over the structures, it appears as if nature has reclaimed what is hers.

abandoned fishing village

The village looks as if it could be a movie lot with its lush hedges and cobbled stone pathways, contrasting with the bustling streets of China we have become so accustomed to.

china abandoned fishing village

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